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Perma Pure Support

Perma Pure remains committed to providing superior products and service. Whether you need an answer to a technical question, or repairs on existing equipment, or the services of our engineering staff for a new design, Perma Pure stands ready to help. Give us a call today – we are available Monday through Friday, 8:30AM – 5 PM EST.

Department Extension Contact E-mail Address
Customer Service – Invoicing X121 Carol Medaglia cmedaglia at permapure.com
Customer Service – Order Entry X116 Karen Kennedy kkennedy at permapure.com
Technical Support X149 Doug Hasbrouck dhasbrouck at permapure.com
Service/Repairs X124 Tom McHugh tmchugh at permapure.com
Quality X129 Sidra Hankins shankins at permapure.com

Our mail telephone line is +1-732-244-0010

There are also many ways to solve your problems with resources on this web site:

Perma Pure Trockner App

PP-Apple-App PP-Android-App

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